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define: naturally = super-abnormality

Nov. 7th, 2015 | 05:18 am

a cold cut silence creeps against the western dark
a myriad ... a montage, cartilage feigns as bark
     drained upon defeat /it is/ just a passing phrase
    mementos combed so stark they have become the marks of their own grave

                                                                          but what's in a letter
                                                                                roots: constant, in it

                                                                   if I run but while you're writing
                                                                             maybe we can dodge this  hit

we wormed to the top shelf
heights and trees be damned
a single star skid the sky line
to remind of what was had

 a  million times a memory
 a  thousand halves displayed
 a  hundred paths for every longing
 a  dozen still left saved

if a
blank space pul-sates
skips a step or a strikes a stone
does incanation beckon - \ley lines overthrown\
rendered in gears
                              it pines
                                              inside                    (the mentored are the blind)

                              if yo u cu t it in to pi ec es
                           does it dream of being whole
                              if you saturate in darkness
                           do you think with empty h


skin said the static ʿ had fallen out ˒ the̜ reflection                         ̜                     ˒           ʿ
                                               in your eye
it's hot (for much) and cold to touch
                                   don't ask but why
it smells, but not as such
                     it's skipping out of time
it sounds, on and off, of rust
               feigning blood and grime
erroding what must turn to dust
             the stardust still adjusts

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Oct. 28th, 2013 | 08:56 pm

Well i was sitting on the pavement
flirting with the passing cars
I never knew then what a wave meant
where i was or who you are

But when i struck there was a shockwave
and it tangled in the stars
hit my head forcing the lights out
till i woke up in a jar

Certain tests to keep my fitness
others still were just for par
I felt this final of solutions
was to cru mble in to sh ard s

Homunculus and Isis shattered
this jaded prison pattern
whether void or just a prism
Attachment renders schism
You helped me spawn a demon
its name I know so well
the work of dissonation
you helped me cast a spell

This world and all it's longings
don't cut the sine of day
indefinitely broken
subconsciously the way
of doors and flights of ladders
peaks of hardened onyx dust
cinnamon and feathers
   broken heạrts and lust


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Apr. 18th, 2013 | 01:29 am

there is something about this place
and i'm running so far in it
trace all my footprints and put them in crime labs
my sneakers are drawn out
tied on too tightly
harvest their heartbeat
till nothing is fleeting
lockets in lockets
and pictures in perfect
break upon a virtual shore
data impending a final release
version debating this one harm abating
a closed yet impersonal store
unconscious connections
rekindled belated collided elated

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rusty pathos

Apr. 15th, 2013 | 03:25 am

infallible crystalline webs vibrate in a perfect C
minor variations in the way we sync
dawn is coming, no matter what it brings
semblance dis as sem bled along the tracks
aves laid out are now useless flack
a sacrafice could not be made
it starts to taste of hand grenades
at first there was a pact to raze
a dancing burn made ash in waves
a hungry shark with foreign hats
aristrocrats with brand new tats
their game: to grasp of ladder rungs
make shift ploughs and shiny bugs
time: an essence in my drink
slowing sips scrape space to think
below out and shout within
my danse is loud and with(out) sin

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(no subject)

Jun. 30th, 2012 | 12:31 pm

Keep them wandering 'wander in'
break¦ the tenslessness in tedium
rising tides via hemispheres glowing with radiance
r      e  stl  e ss legs when it's going "all right"
made a pact with a ghost who was helping me find anyway
out this room and it's (s)tar stained wall wrecking balls
knew my name -                               - strayed far from home
                            since it's changed

                                                                                             no sight of footprints so afar

     (so( I( (circle) )i)n)
mirages seem to be hoovering
                                                promises out of reach
in time we'll see,
                            the naked,
                                              the reasoning
but here we are /trapped/ mid step on the \cracking ice//
            with the time snap
taste of blood in my mouth shaped fountain
confusions set on dissolving </me>
        lungful of cold.still.breath
 sink till I swim
skidmarks from a wasted rhyme
in your head out of breathe recalling things
                                     I ought to know
remembered words but not their flow
haunt me well
taunting crow

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ignore me now to hide yourself

Nov. 29th, 2011 | 05:33 am


                    Breaking out the O  C   D
                  Make more of whats left of me
                    take the time to trim my thoughts
                stretching things to make you grin
                     accepting fates more than a whim
                            resonate what quartz creates
                         precipitate like a bargain rate
                   when all my water has escaped free
        I'll make my words seem dead than hate me     

easier to run down so it's easy still to disappear till your finding empty answers while your lies appear revealing regrettably that starting clean with nightmares only creates more time for them to multiply once your out of space but in your head stretched so thin until your dripping red mistaken yet spacewalking why's it all circles at the stalk enchanting as you sit and stare and sum on words that seem more useful as excuses formed to get thoughts out while you accost your doubt for things that are more real than the things you've seen creates a mirror for the world to dance between and pinpoint spots to help your past self not be circled silent sleepening

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(no subject)

Jul. 14th, 2011 | 05:23 am

we faltered in June
and then blossomed on Jupiter
felt all the pressure come from down and around us
but still we bob in the mercury clouds
filled with wingless bats
clammed up like morning dew

every sun is red here
the postman never comes
I can't tune you in on the radio
or tell them where I'm from

a million dreams are packaged and shelved
only half as many left living
can't ship myself to Bangladesh
or wake myself last morning

you may not recognize my ghost
haunting the other sides of town
the windmill still spins and

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(no subject)

Jun. 6th, 2011 | 11:44 am

sound siphons beating heart
five vibrant crystals
tracing outlines in the dark
hide and seek with demons
nothing breaks apart
        colors in refraction
                 faces like a spark

the channels in your story
still more than alegory

descriptions in your tune
preaching pitches opportune

soldiered on despite the claims
so resolute ... when none's to blame
dropped above but fell below
a pocket watch in blinding snow


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Dec. 25th, 2010 | 03:09 pm

There a world out there ---->
that;s fill fa filled with fear
they try and say its fine
if you don't go too near

are you still trying to adhere
it can all be replaced
with a simple substituted space
clearly it's not falling into place
your eyes still linger
drawing energy
what a waste of time
to sit on the finish line

here the cards fall, snow flaked offers
into our space, ingredients for taste
here we see the feeders keeping pace
a metronome of grace
beating hearts practice a race

blow past words and opposititions
strangely stitched to dampen whispers
hard to take yet not to listen
can ya can ya see
intertwined candescently

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Nov. 5th, 2010 | 05:33 pm

Hey, it's a work in progress, don't tell me that it's digressed
while my hearts still beating i'm able
to crush and enable

Hey do you hear that sound, it's coming from the grave mound
just when your less loss then found
you move on - to the next round

Hey let me tell you why, I don't care ... about the reply
all the small things seem amiss
who really wants to just exist

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